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Crow as Ursula (read description) :icondementionalart:DementionalArt 2 0 The Master's companion :iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 3 14
Willow Logs : Battle of the Groove
[Rebel Log 27/04/17]
"Alright, so, apparently, one of those minions that Pinkles got control over can make music..."
"Well, I-i got a recording of her song to play for Robo-Becky to j-judge...I-i think she's listening to it right now..."
"Ah? Why 0%?"
"Weeeelll...The instrumental, while a little bland, is fine but the actual singing makes me wanna tear out my own audio receptors....Okay, I kinda lied, the whole song makes me wanna tear out my own audio receptors. Like, seriously, where's the funk? The groove? What's the point of a song if people don't wanna dance to it?"
"Ah, t-that's a pretty good point...I-i mean....I heard once from a friend that a video game h-he played was terrible but the m-music was absolutely amazing..."
"Yeah! Bring on the funk!! Bring on the groove!! Let's dance!!"
[Robo-Becky unplugs her headphones and plugs an MP3 component to a speaker. The speakers play one of her favourite songs to ge
:iconamythehedgehog21:amythehedgehog21 1 127
Nefarious - Playdate :icontorbincrow1987:TorbinCrow1987 3 12 Nefarious - The Robophobia :icontorbincrow1987:TorbinCrow1987 5 20
Day 1 #2
April 26th,2017
I've made myself a hammer based off of the Mario Bros'.I'm gonna make those who choose to fight me lose their memory or die.In other words I'ma a bonk em.I just wish the others could snap out of it...I've also been hearing a terrible song....My goal is to get as far away from it as possible...That's all I have for now.....
:iconcrowandfriendstalk:CrowAndFriendsTalk 1 24
Join The Resistance :iconcrowandfriendstalk:CrowAndFriendsTalk 3 126 Nefarious - The Muses' Lost Song :iconthegreatpikminzx:TheGreatPikminZX 4 8
Justice Logs : All in the name of Grand Justice!
[Justice Log 27/04/17]
[Laughter and rummaging noises are heard. The camera is left sitting on a windowsill, facing away from the event.]
"Hah...What idiots. No one escapes the wrath of Rosa Rossa! Beware, villains for I have struck!"
[Another Shadow enters the room, stealing more stuff than the one from earlier.]
"Ooooh~! This looks beautiful~! My darling Crow will love this~!"
[A third shadow enters the room. They place a paper in the drawer, letting an end stick out. They proceed to steal even more stuff.]
"Hmm, this seems good!"
[Another shadow enters the room and steals the remaining things, taking the camera with them.]
"O-oh, my brother will love that...~!"
[The first shadow looks towards the other shadows]
"Alright, we've got everything. Let's bust this joint."
[The shadow breaks a window and the 4 shadows jump out of the window.]
[The note is written in blue pen, "Wow, you're more stupider than I thought! Enjoy that ni
:iconamythehedgehog21:amythehedgehog21 2 49
Willow Logs : Capture the Allies
[Rebel? Log 27/04/17]
"Oh nooooo~!"
"Lady Luxuria, i have failed you~...."
"T-this isn't good~!"
"You are now prisoners. Surrender or else."
"What will we ever do, ya'll~?"
"I-i dunno~!"
[Cindy sends Seijo, Cafeine and Fiore to their cells.]
"You will remain here until the master says what to do with you..."
[Cindy walks off, leaving the "prisoners"]
"Oh noooo~! We can't escape, ya'll~!"
"I-if only my robots could save me~!"
[The inaudible sound is heard again but it sounds more clearer. It sounds like a girl snickering evilly]
:iconamythehedgehog21:amythehedgehog21 3 8
Failed Rebellion? :iconamythehedgehog21:amythehedgehog21 4 18
Day 1
I've fled from "Crow's" army....I can't believe some people were weak enough to have thought of such a thing as a leader....I'm sorry guys...I've left you until "he" comes back...I'm trying to attempt something...People may be watching so I won't give information...I've seen some people strong enough to rebel.......May this all be settled quickly....
:iconcrowandfriendstalk:CrowAndFriendsTalk 2 4
Pink Love :iconsuccubasuyandere:SuccuBasuYandere 7 147
Willow Logs : Jet Set Rebellion
[Rebel Log 27/04/17]
[The camera is on the ground, pointing up at the side of a landed Sovereign]
"Alright, ya'll, camera's on!"
"I can see that, Cafeine. Now, Cindy, did you bring the spray paint?"
"Yep! Here you go!"
[Cindy tosses a spray can to Fiore.]
"If we want people to know of our cause then this is neccesary."
"W-Well yeah, but...w-won't we get in trouble?"
"Pfft, who gives a hoot? Ah doubt those lasses and lads will worry all that much!"
"Alright, let's get to it!"
[Fiore, Cafiene, Seijo and Cindy begin to spray paint the Sovereign green, complete with a message on the side created with black spraypaint, "REFUSE THE PINK MENACE". The footage is sped up.]
"Heh, bet they'll also like the present we sent them!"
"I-i kinda feel bad about this...this is so mean..."
"Well, i must thank your robot for making such a great cake for them. Bet they can't resist it."
"Yeah, even I wanted to try it! But I thought Robo-Mack told us he had run out of Jam..."
"Oh, um
:iconamythehedgehog21:amythehedgehog21 2 60
A New Life :iconcrowandfriendstalk:CrowAndFriendsTalk 2 27 Nefarious - Waga ai yo! (Doodle) :iconthegreatpikminzx:TheGreatPikminZX 2 6



*Upon sight of me, Crow backs away, after stumbling back into the empty room; He hears voices, uncanny sounds of Toddler Frank 's laughter**Lights go off and the door seals shut!*

Heh…heh…c-come on, turning out the lights? That’s…that’s not scary…*a sudden, startled shiver runs down his very spine*

'...Hello. Mediocre villain...'

 Aw bolts...

* Squeak...
* Squeak...
* Squeak...
* Squeak...
* Closer, & closer I creep...

'Swine. You have no idea who your dealing with.'
'The holy water, failed to liberate me...Know why?'
'If Fran...My beloved Fran...Find outs i am in danger, his LOVE keeps me from leaving him...!'
'Now, COME TO ME...!!'

* Tentacles grow out of stuffing, a maw appears on the my chest. His shock gives me the perfect opportunity to grab the villain, locking him down on his back.

'...Watch. Bear witness to the FALL & your ultimate destruction...!


In my demon-bear-free quarters now, kept seeing and hearing that bear on my way here. It was like something out of a horror move with flickering lights and everything! I almost went into the lounge, but of course the bear had to be blocking the way to the only populated place on the ship! (Or so I assumed, there’s always a handful of minions hanging out in there)

I’m not scared of it or anything though. So I just walked back to my quarters and the lights start flickering. Then I hear this growling near me. I look down and the bear’s hanging off my gauntlet!

I totally didn’t start running, but the entire way there the lights were flickering and that darn bear was showing up everywhere!

I think I’ll just hang out here for the rest of the night. I’m feeling a little tired and that thing’s scratching at my door, I don’t feel like having my face bitten off or dragged to hell or something.

I’m pretty sure everyone just heard that crash, but luckily I have amazing reflexes so I’m just fine, minions.

But still, that shouldn’t have happened; I had bolted that unfinished death ray to the wall, didn’t want it going off on the ship after all. It’s never budged before, so why did it come off completely now?!

Ugh, whatever…better take care of that before it does go off, then I’m getting the heck out of here. Didn't realize how much of a death trap this place can be when an evil bear is after you.

'fOooOoool...iIii AmM bUt aA sStUUffED tOooY...'

'...YOOur MIIniIons aRRe mIIne...'

Holy water doesn't work!

Holy water doesn't work!!!!


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Your helmet now looks like it has the eyes of those poison frog things with red eyes i just noticed.
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Forget what I just said, Zink just revealed that his headquarters are at the bottom of Sukochi itself.
CrowtheVillain Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  New Deviant
In the lava?
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He honestly just said, "At the Bottom of Sukochi", we should go and storm the place right now, eliminate all the rebels and traitors in one false swoop!
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To send everyone would be foolish...and what we do it up to our master.
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'I will type it. Please stand by...'
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Yes, my master.
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